Saturday, April 21, 2018

How to Ask Someone for Links in Old Content

When you look at marketing automation from marketer’s perspective, it is something you would want to deploy in order to get more leads from the audience. It’s quite interesting to work on this setup. You need to get your marketing team and development department working on the campaign development and then let the marketing begin.

On the other hand, this very same marketing procedure is something to be stayed away from when you think about it from user’s perspective. You may find your inbox full of emails in which marketing people would try to convince you about putting their links in your old blog through the method they wouldn’t really have an idea about.

Looking at these emails, you can conclude that these marketers are truly clueless about their own marketing campaigns.

Things tend to seem quite worse with the popularity of several free marketing automation tools. But it is worth mentioning here is that it’s not the fault of marketing tools. Those are just the tools which are being used by people who do not have any idea about how and who to send emails with the marketing pitch. The marketing tools may be great and effective but it’s the incompetence of marketing people we are talking about.

What’s usually missing in the marketing emails?
Since majority of the marketing emails can be put into the category of bad marketing efforts, we can talk about what’s missing without spending time on referring to any example because almost everyone knows how these emails look like. Quality and personalization are the two major factors being ignored but these not the only ones. There is another factor which is known as relevance. In most of the emails, the sender talks about a reference to a research whose link is requested to be placed in your blog. In most of the cases, you may have no idea about the reputation of that reference. In that scenario, the receiver is surely going to mark emails with such unpopular but enforcing references as spam because there is no relevance the content of those emails has to offer.

Marketing needs to be targeted
If you want to build quality links, you will have to give up on your reliance on the actions of bots and scripts. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use marketing tools at all. Rather, you have to make sure that your marketing efforts are targeted towards an audience you can provide some value to. The use of scripts in this scenario may look like an automated process to automatically send manually selected links at manually selected instances to manually selected receivers. If you fire these links like a shotgun through the tool you are using, you may get blocked by most of the people who would get tired of spam emails and decide to deploy auto-responders on their email accounts.

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